Welcome to Stockholm!

Nobody will argue that Stockholm, the Royal capital of Sweden is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city built on water is situated on 14 islands and from the air looks like an intricate pattern of land and waterways being shaped into a cityscape of a stunning beauty.

Enjoy Stockholm’s narrow alleys of its medieval quarter "Gamla Stan" and the open-air museum Skansen; its royal palaces including famous Kungliga Slottet and beautiful churches; leisurely slow ferries and world class museums. Stockholm is also famous for its archipelago of 24,000 islands that guard the city from seawaters.

At the same time, Stockholm may surprise you with its liveliness and cosmopolitan spirit, trendiness and exciting nightlife which you normally won’t expect from the Nordic city.

One word on Stockholm’s geographic location. Due to the high latitude, the peak summer day is so long here – it lasts around 20 hours - to compensate for a long and cold winter – which means more time for a traveler to explore this amazing city.