If you only have a few hours on Bornholm (What a shame!), by all means get out and see the island itself, where the true attractions and value of this cruise port of call can be experienced, appreciated, and enjoyed.  Try renting a car for a day: it's especially affordable if the cost is shared among several people: find some new friends on board and ask them to split the cost and come along!  Driving on Bornholm is easy, with little traffic and well-marked roads. Use a local company not the major names like Hertz/Avis...try autoeurope.com ?? Contact them ahead of time and they can meet you at your ship (if you're on a cruise....stress that time is short!! and they must be there when you arrive so you can maximize your time.)

There's so much to see for such a little island: the farthest two points are Sandvig to Duoedde, and that's only 1 hour IF you take the route that hugs the coast: in fact, according to Google, it would only take 2 hr. 6 min. to take the coast road entirely around the island if you just wanted to drive and not get out and see things. A favorite drive is Sandvig to Svaneke: for much of the way it hugs the coast and is within view of the gorgeous, very deep-blue Baltic Sea.  If you have the opportunity to drive ACROSS the island, so you see the interior landscape, you'll enjoy the views of farmland and small (sometimes thatch-roofed) farmhouses..... many of them generations-old.

As a vacation island that attracts mostly Danish, Swedish, and German tourists, English is perhaps less commonly fluently-spoken than elsewhere in Denmark, although language will almost never be a hindrance.  Extremely few American tourists visit Bornholm, and 99% of them are probably coming via cruise ship for visits of just a few hours.

Although Ronne (pronounced "Ruh neh") [note: all pronunciation hints listed here are based on American English pronunciation] has some quaint streets, there's not much to see & do there other than the Hjorth (?) Ceramics Factory... it might be closed.  If you just stay in Ronne, you're sure to feel you've just wasted a day, and ask "why did the ship stop HERE?!".

Bornholm is an island full of history (medieval ruins, round churches, Viking/prehistory attractions), geology (Helligdomsklipperne "heaven's cliffs", and more, on rocky northern half of island), scenic views (EVERYWHERE!), and arts and crafts.  Driving along almost any little country road (and they're ALL "little country roads"! even the main road around the island ) you'll see (usually hand-lettered), signs for Keramik (ceramics), Kunst and Malerier (art/ paintings), Antik (antiques), Butik (little shop) and much less often, Glas or Glasvaerksted (glass works).  You are welcome to pull in and visit these home workshops/stores.  You may also see tiny fruit and vegetable stands along the road by a farm house driveway, un-manned, and an honor-system used to leave money to pay for your items.  (prices will be listed ".....kr / kurv" = price in Danish kroner/ per small basket - note: Denmark does not accept the Euro.)

It takes approx. 30 min to drive* across the island to Gudhjem (literally 'God home' in English): a favorite place on the island. It's a small town with steep winding street down to the harbor...lots of little shops to explore, and a smokehouse for herring at the harbor-yummy!  While you're wandering, don't miss the opportunity to also sample the "soft is" (pronounced 'soft eeess' - literally 'soft ice cream') in a waffle cone, dipped in chocolate cocoa, or chocolate sprinkles, or black licorice sprinkles : all are super creamy and simply delicious!  Another delicious personal favorite is a hotdog, with all the fixings.  Look for a sign saying "polser" (will have a ' / ' through the o, and pronounced 'pul seh'): if you order a polse (the singular form of the word) you will get a single hot dog (longer and thinner than an american hot dog, with a pleasant crunch when you bite through the sausage casing): it will be reddish and steamed, or ask for "ris tet" if you want it grilled and brown.  You may want to order a bun to go with it (much smaller and firmer than an American bun) and then you hold each separately and dip them in either ketchup, mustard, or remoulade (or all of them!).  Or if you order a "hot dog" you will get a hotdog placed in a bread bun, and they will most likely automatically put the above sauces on, plus "agurk salat" (pronounced "a gork sa lat" = cucumber salad = paper-thin slices of cucumber) .  (say "uden ....." - pron. "oo den"  if there's something you Don't want on it.) They may or may not ask how you want your onions: try the "ristet log" (pronounced 'ris tet loy' for crisp fried onions).  There is an indoor polser stand on the street just behind the youth hostel, which is located on the harbor. 

Melsted, 1 (yes ONE!) min.(0.6 km) south of Gudhjem, is a tiny little residential village worth parking the car and wandering around.  There are no stores, just cute little houses, many are hundreds of years old, and the usual tiny harbor.  You can go on Google (or Google Earth), do a map search for Melsted, Bornholm, Denmark and find it's location and photos you can click on, on the map itself to see what it looks like, and where.

*Drive NE from Ronne to Gudhjem by way of the tiny village of Nyker (approx. 10-15 min. from Ronne harbor), to visit the smallest of the 4 whitewashed Round Churches on the island: Nykirke;  it means "New Church" though it's from the 1100's, and like all the round churches, has an interior with restored chalk paintings from the earliest times - VERY picturesque, inside and out (especially if you drive past it- i.e.take a right at cross road where it's located, drive 0.5-1 km and turn around to catch the view from that direction).  You may enjoy wandering through the small churchyard admiring the neat, well-kept gravesites.  Next door is a wonderful little "butik" (store)  (Bente Hammer's Hand-printed textiles) in a centuries-old farm building, selling hand-made items of clothing, with the softest cotton you may ever feel!  (LOVE the tee shirt listing Bali Barbados Bahamas Bornholm !)  You can't miss either of them, as you'll drive right by Nykirke : it's at the T-crossroad, where you'd turn left toward Gudhjem. (Enroute to Gudhjem from Nykirke, Bornholm's smallest Rundkirke (round church), you could also visit the largest roundchurch , Osterlars.  It would only add 3 min. to your driving time to Gudhjem, taking that route instead, and they are different enough to certainly warrant a visit to both, though Nykirke is a favorite.)

If you still have time: driving north from Gudhjem to Sandvig/Allinge is a beautiful drive right alongside the low, rocky coast , and the small twin towns (although the tourist mecca of the island) are still quite quiet and very quaint: drive or stroll all around to appreciate them. Off the beaten track in that immediate area, and almost unknown by 98% of tourists, are some rock carvings from pre-historic times. Enroute north you'll also have passed a site where stones were raised, presumably by Vikings?, in the outline shape of a ship.  It''s about 20-50 feet off the road, in among the trees and vegetation, and barely marked.  (You used to have to KNOW where it was, to find it; now there's a very small blue sign.) Continuing around the top of the island you'll pass the ruins of Hammershus but doubtful you'll have time to do both Gudhjem and Hammershus if you spend any time in Gudhjem. (it probably takes at LEAST 20-30 min round trip just to walk from the parking lot to the ruins at Hammershus.) Continue south to Ronne on this circular road around the island. (Sandvig to Ronne is 30 min.)

Or skip Gudhjem, and the drive north from there, and go directly north from Ronne to Hammershus and Allinge/Sandvig: you could probably do both then.  You may even have time to detour very slightly to the town of Hasle for a visit to, and sample of herring or eel at their smokehouse on the coast.

Or you could drive 30 km. east from Ronne to Svaneke ("Swan Church") (37 min. per Google maps- across the widest part of the island) which is also very nice and quaint.  It is nicknamed the "Sunshine City" because it gets the most sun of anyplace in Denmark and is the first place the sun shines on Denmark, being the eastern-most town in the country.  Enroute, you'll pass through Almindingen: the largest forest in Denmark.  There is a ruin (Gamleborg) from medieval times there and also a high fire watch/communications tower there that one can climb (still?) for a view all over the island: though if it's still available, perhaps you'll only see the forest trees?   In between Gudhjem / Melsted and Svaneke (which are 16 min. apart) is a favorite store: Baltic Sea Glass...gorgeous glass, mouth-blown on site...oh, the colors!! (they have a website but it doesn't show much.) (It's 3 min./ 3 km. south of Gudhjem.)

Or if you'd like to hit the beach: Duoedde (pronounced "Du uth a")  is at the southern tip of the island, 34 min. from Ronne: there's a long board- walkway out to the water, through the tall sand dunes. The sand is so white and super fine that it was exported for hundreds (?) of years for use in hourglasses. If necessary, you can change clothes right there on the beach, or hide behind a dune. There is food available at the parking lot (maybe a changing area too?)  The water is chilly and very shallow though, but even if the air is cool that day, you can lie behind a dune, sheltered from the breeze and have some warmth and privacy. 

A slight detour enroute to or from Duoedde will take you to Nylars roundchurch (9 km from Ronne).

The southern half of Bornholm's coast is sandy, so other beach areas are the entire southern shore, from Armager to Balka Strand (beach), at least.  There's a nice store, or group of stores?, at Boderne, on the southern (south western) shore.

Plane tours are available for 30 - 60 min. for great aerial views of the island, and the airport is only about 10-15 min. from Ronne harbor.  It is almost certainly a good idea to make arrangements in advance.

 A truly "off the beaten path" attraction is the little "amusement park" of Braendegaardshaven.  There are no mechanized rides, just a little lake you can row/canoe on, a short zip line above and across the lake, and other "old fashioned" but pleasant and relaxing diversions.  There is a waterpark now affiliated with it for those seeking more modern and active fun.

Have a wonderful visit: maybe you'll even want to jump ship and stay there! :)  or, at least, return for a more in-depth vacation one day.  There truly is something for everyone on Bornholm!  Lucky You to be able to visit Bornholm!