Zakynthos lies in the Ionian Sea just south of Kefalonia and to the west of the Peleponese. There are many things special to Zakynthos that should be seen when there.

Whenever you see Zakynthos on TV or in magazines you will no doubt stumble upon a picture of Shipwreck (Navagio) Bay. The story here is that in 1980 the ship Paniagotis, which was smuggling cigarettes and alcohol, ran aground here during a storm. Since then the sand has built up around it, forming the sight seen today. From above it is visually stunning white sand and cliffs surrounded by turquoise sea. It should be noted though that this is a big rusty boat, not a galleon as some would have you believe. It is also now covered in graffiti. Many tourists boats gather on the beach, often leaving it crowded. Therefore, the best way to see it is from the viewing platform a few hundred feet up on the cliffs, just outside of Anafonitria. If you do decide to visit the beach the best way is to go to a harbour nearby and negotitate with a local who owns a boat to take you in the early morning or late afternoon. This way you have more chnace of seeing the wreck with less people on the beach.

The Blue caves are located on the north tip of the island, off of Skinari Cape. They are basically caves and arches formed by the action of the sea over the years. They are popular due to the translucent blue sea here and the clear, deep water. You will see many adverts offering to take you to see them, but once again the problem is similiar to that of the Shipwreck. The best thing to do is to drive to Skinari cape as far as you can go. There are some steps down to the sea and here you can take your snorkel and mask and see them for yourselves without all the boats. The boats tend to go to the caves just south of Skinari cape, but the truth is there are also caves just below the cape itself, which are less well known about.

The Caretta Caretta (loggerhead turtle) are the most famous wildlife attraction of the island. They are however, enfdangered and their numbers are plummeting. Many boats will take you to see the turtles, but these trips often end in dissapointment and can sometimes injure the turtles themselves with the boat propellors. Furthermore, their nesting beaches along Laganas bay are being ruined by lack of care and ignorance. It seems the best option is to opt out of the organised trips as these place great strain on the turtles. Some get lucky and see them simply by snorkelling in the bay during nesting season. There is a conservation centre on the island which is trying to raise awareness and numbers. Hopefully their efforts will improve the situation.

The biggest Greek flag in the world stands on the cliffs of Keri in the south, here there is also a lookout point with restaurant that looks out over the blue sea. The resort of Limni Keriou nearby is also worth a visit. Anafonitria in the North is the best place to buy all the local produce and there are numerous stalls throughout the village. Probably the best holiday resorts (based on being a good all rounder) are Alykes and Alykanas to the East and Kalamaki to the South East. Zakynthos Town is worth a visit, especially if you're looking at catching a ferry over to Kefalonia or mainland Greece and Italy, it is also the best place to shop. If you can it is worth making your way up to the highest point on the island for amazing views on a clear day over the whole of the island and beyond.