The kantounia are Greek for the cobble stone streets that line the paths of Corfu's modern districts. More than likely, a traveler will eventually want to venture outside Corfu or late-night socialites may desire an alternative lead. Car rentals, taxis, motor boats, and buses are convenient means for accessing Corfu Island and points deeper within town.

The country regulates tariffs for all licensed taxi drivers. Licensed taxis display a rate card in the window or on the dash. If there is no rate card, proceed with caution and ask for the rate. Rural taxis are more expensive for one-way trips and waiting times accrue hourly. There is a 1.75 Euro minimum charge for licensed taxi driving. Expect the Corfu airport to town centre journey to take around 10 minutes and cost 13€.

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Car Rental 

Corfu Explore Car Hire has a fleet of new cars just waiting for you this holiday season.

  • Top Cars Family run company with friendly service and competitive prices.
  • Royal Car is located in the new port passenger cruise terminal, making it one of the quickest and most direct ways to rent a car for cruise ship passengers. The staff are friendly and they provide you with a map and point you in the right direction of the places you will most likely want to visit within the time constraints of your itinerary. Add a GPS/SatNav to your rental and you will find all of your desired Corfu sightseeing stops easily.
  • Major Brands
  • Corfu Sunrise
  • SUNRISE, Car rental in Corfu, business since 1980.  Hiring all type of cars and deliver all over Corfu Island.

    Good Cars, many years of experience, satisfied clients, reasonable price and quality service.
First Rent A Car is a family owned car hire company with over 20 years of experience. First Car Rental offers a great range of vehicles from affordable economy options through to luxury convertibles and minibuses people carriers with the best insurance options on the island. 

Car rentals are the most flexible method of travel in Corfu. They are relatively inexpensive from local carriers and permit a sense of unrivalled freedom. Sure - driving presents a set of challenges to even seasoned racers. Olive tree pits can rain onto the windshield, foreigners wander in confusion; not to mention, donkeys lazily cross the streets and there are pot holes galore. This can be the most exciting part of the journey. Follow these tips when you pickup Hermes' chariot from the airport:

  • Purchase the insurance
  • Don't drive drunk
  • Keep a license and passport at all times while driving
  • Avoid deep ravines on the side of the road
  • Never leave your hotel without your drivers license.

Dinos Taxi Boat

Motor Boat
Motor boats do not require a license in any way. They simply require payment for the day's petrol and the ability to hold a steering wheel. Boats with elderly and young children, especially, should request a cabana for sun-protection. Dock at one of the nearby beachside tavernas for a refreshing drink and appetizer.

The local bus services do not adhere to a schedule and may change routes at a moment's notice. They should be saved for individuals knowledgeable in Greek language. However, KTEL is an excellent coach bus service that provides transportation to the major coastal cities. Take the bus from Corfu and enjoy an overnight party at the disco or visit quaint villages.

Mopeds are not recommended avenues for exploration, considering the disrepair of some roads. If this warning has tempted you further, think again. Then, if you still want a moped, make sure and bring a helmet from home. Most rentals do not provide good helmets and helmets are a necessity in this rocky territory.