Corfu is generally a very safe destination with a tolerable climate; however, international travelers  should exercise sensible precautions.

Although sudden rain showers are always a possibility, especially during early September,  temperatures become hot during June July and August  Adequate sunglasses are a must and visitors should also wear sunblock and perhaps a broad brimmed hat in the heat of the day.

It is important to stay well hydrated especially  if hiking. The water in Corfu Town is not preferable to drink, most visitors prefer bottled water. It is widely available, refreshing, and reasonably priced. Outside of town, tap water is  drinkable.

The low crime rates in the Ionian Isles are slowly climbing due to Corfu's growing popularity. Urban areas and resorts tend to have higher rates of theft. Nonetheless, always lock up valuables and keep cash in a safe place. Despite growing crime rates, Corfu is still one of the safest, major tourist destinations in Europe.

Travelers anywhere in Europe should never put their wallets in their back pocket. Get into the practice of wearing a money belt to conceal portions of spending money. This is a concern for both men and women.

In common with most Mediterranean destinations, women, may face some harassment or cat-calling from men.  Simply, make it obvious that the gesture is appreciated, but undesirable. In an emergency, dial 100 for the police and 166 for medical emergency personnel on the island.

Consult the list of embassies for foreign contact information and annotate somewhere that is immediately accesible. Although activity continues into the late hours, particularly in the resorts, do not wander far from the hotel on your own. Walk with a friend or hire a taxi during the wee hours of nightlife.