The whole world is a stage, but this is especially true about Rhodes. On hot summer evenings the Greek National Tourism Office organizes a sound and light show in the Old Fort in the Medieval Town, with explanations to its meanings, which are translated in French, English, Italian and Greek.

From July to September there are a number of concerts, art exhibitions and theatrical performances in the City of Rhodes. Every Monday there are folkdance performances in the Municipal Theatre of Rhodes, where children and adults of some of the various communities from across the island perform local and traditional Greek dances.

Home to many churches and monasteries there are numerous religious festivities that are celebrated around the island. These include the late July festival at the tiny chapel of Agios Soulas. During the chapel’s saints day on July 29 and 30, this even includes an attraction unique on the island, donkey racing!

Near the Acropolis of Rodos, is the ancient Stadium, which has been heavily restored, is today used for occasional performances of classical Greek tragedies.