Syros is located in the Cyclades, in the Greek Aegean ocean. Its famous neighbors include Mykonos and Delos, but is rapidly becoming popular with tourists who appreciate its true Greek nature and diverse geography. Syros can be rocky and dry, similar to nearby Mykonos, which makes the sparkling blue aegean pop even more. Depending on the season, the hillsides can also be green with herbs, purple with flowering wild thyme, or yellow with flowering helichrysum. It is a favorite with wildcrafters and bees! Syros is a favorite with families who enjoy the beaches and playgrounds. Some areas offer the all night partying similar to nearby greek islands, but there are plenty of quiet areas to get away from it all. Syros offers many activities, from wine, cheese, and confectionary tasting, boating, fishing, unique architecture, churches, visits to textile artisans, and miles of beaches: there is fun here for everyone!