Streets - Watch where you're walking!

There are very few sidewalks in Sanotorini and you are faced with the only option of walking on the side of the street. There are only two lanes and the drivers are reckless, you need to be careful not to be run over by cars or scooters.


Beaches - Be careful!

The least of your worries is the hot black sand. When going into the water you must be very careful not to slip on the stones. Santorini is a volcanic island and the way into the water is made of large pieces of slippery stones. It is advisable to wear shoes, but still walk carefully.

Unfortunately there is no lifeguard available and fist aid is left to chance.

Santorini is an extremely windy island, do watch out for flying sand, dust and even heavy objects which can be lifted by tornado-type winds. There have been tourists injured on the Perissa beach by flying umbrellas and sunbeds. 

Health care

There is an emergency room in Fira and the doctors offer emergency assistance.


The tap water is recommended for washing only as it is de-salinated on the island and the taste is too briny to enjoy. Plumbing system is a bit funny so everyone must make sure they don't flush the toilet paper.


Santorini is a volcanic island, occasional earthquakes should not be a surprise!