The busy tourist season in Piraeus is during the summer.  In fact, during late July and early August, the area is almost completely over-run with tourists who are interested in enjoying the beaches of the area during these warmest months of the year.  Travelers who would like to a plan a trip to the area during this time should plan it in advance in order to get the best rates on accommodations. 

The temperature during these warmest months of the year is actually somewhat hot.  The average high temperature climbs up towards the low nineties and can combine with humidity to feel very warm.  The average nighttime low temperature during this season is nice, though, averaging just below seventy degrees.  That is perfect weather for walking along the beach.

The temperature during the winter months is a bit too chilly for taking advantage of the beaches in the area, but it is nice for enjoying other aspects of the outdoors.  The average temperature during the coldest months of the year stays between fifty five and sixty five degrees.

Unfortunately, the coldest months are also the ones during which the most rain falls in the area.  November marks the start of the rainy season, averaging approximately fifteen inches of rain.  The rainy season continues through mid-February.  Summer is the time of least rain.

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