Just 10 minutes and a 15 euro cab drive from the Plaka is the area known a Mikroimano, or "Little Harbor". A great evening things to do is to have the cab drop off at the Prophet Elias Church, on Kastela Hill. It is very beautiful, and after a quick look, you can stroll a short way up the hill to the Kastela Bowling Center. They have an unbelievable terrace outside with an great view of Pireaus, and Athens in the distance.

Arriving around sunset is the best; you can watch the lights go on in the city. After a drink or two, (dinner here is not reccommended) you can stroll down the hill to the harbor, which is lined with wonderful restaurants. Making a reservation for a table at waters edge is a good idea, especially on weekends.

Vosporous is a great meat restaurant, and there are many seafood restaurants. The views are just spectacular. After dinner you call walk towards the metro, and the area is hopping with open-air night spots.

The metro will take you back to the Plaka, or you can take a taxi back. Any restaurant or club will call one for you. Taxis are notorious in Athens for ripping off tourists. Ask in advance how much the trip might cost. If you ever feel taken advantage of, get the cab number, license plate number, or call a policeman, as they are very serious about punishing crooked cab drivers.