Athens is often considered the cultural capital of Greece, and the city is home to numerous museums and attractions. But beyond Athens, Attica is home to several prominent museums that shouldn’t be missed either. Take some time to explore the surrounding towns to see many attractions that are typically missed by visitors.

The Vorres Museum in the town of Peania, on the east coast of Attica, is spread out over 80 arces, which include gardens and courtyards, along with 4,000 years of Greek history, culture and art. The modern wing includes Greek art from the 20th century, complete with works that are influences by the classical, Byzantine and folk traditions. The other collection of the museum is of older Greek folk objects, as well as significant finds from the era of Ottoman rule.

To the south west of Athens is the port city of Piraeus, which is home to the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus. Founded in 1935, and renovated in 1966 this large museum includes numerous Hellenistic and Roman sculptures, bronze statues and several Dedicatory reliefs from 5th and 4th century BC. The city of Piraeus is also home to the Nautical Museum of Greece, which features numerous maritime-based displays and exhibits from all periods of Greek history, from the Minoan era to the modern day.