Getting around Athens, and the other towns and villages of Attica is easy enough on foot. Most of the major tourist destinations in Athens are within walking distance, and the same is true of many of the other towns in the region as well.

The public bus system in Athens is crowded, but reasonably priced, while the tram, buses, and trains connect the various sites in Attica. Public transportation can get you to many of the main attractions throughout the area, but some destinations might require that you rent a car, hire a driver or take a taxicab.

Taxis are inexpensive, and this can be a simple way to get to your destination. Just make sure that another cab, or alternative transportation can help you get back as well. Some parts of Attica are fairly remote and you wouldn’t want to be left stranded.

Alternatively, consider hiring a car and driver for the day. This is obviously a bit more expensive than renting a car, but can be relatively affordable as well. Consult with hotel, and see if they have any recommended drivers or tours that can take you to the various sights and attractions.

Rental cars are also available. There are big multinationals like Hertz , Avis, Budget ,Sixt and Eurodollar to the independant local operators who tend to be a little more competitive and willing to haggle to a point over rates. You can also use a brokerage site, to help consolidate your search:


You can also find motorbikes and motorcycles.

Watch for road conditions, and keep an eye on traffic. The roads can range from very good to downright awful in the countryside outside of Athens, and it isn’t uncommon for livestock to wander onto the roads as well. Likewise, the drivers can be aggressive, while other tourists can be downright clueless on the roads in Attica.