Sete Fontes (seven springs) is the old supply of potable water in Braga. Much of it was built in the 18th century as way to capture the spring water and lead it via aqueducts into the city itselfs. It lies north east of the city centre. Near and partly under the new hospital. It has underground galleries in which the water is collected. There are some buildings (Mãe da Água and Respiro) that connect the aqueducts (both under and at ground level). One of the Mãe de Águas was destroyed in 1995 to give place for an apartment house. The year after starting the official process to classify Sete Fontes as a national monument. A few years later the Minister of Culture agreed that it should be classified as such, but still in 2010 the official classification has not been announced. Currently the complex is under the threat of being flattened by the road that will lead to the new hospital and also plans for a new national road that for long has been planned to indeed to go straight over Sete Fontes.

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Photo : Aqueduct and Mina do Dr Alvim em baixo

Coordinates: 41°34′10″N 8°24′16″W

How to get there (Note : there are no signs at all indicating where Sete Fontes are):

Take the bus to Bairro da Alegria. Step of the end station and circle around site of the hospital to reach the still green area with the complex. Or go by car or foot following the signs to the car inspection station. Follow then the signs to the Colegio Sete Fontes. The complex is just behind the school. Part of the complex is also in the walls of the school and under it. Or walk or drive to the Braga Retail Center, perhaps easier to find a parking lot there than near the Colegio Sete Fontes.

Minas Gemeas 

Photo : as Minas Gemeas (the twins) and Mina Preta

 Mina do Dr Amorim

Photo : Mina do Dr Amorim, the first Mãe de Agua, with Braga in the background.


 The end ...

Photo : the last stretch of the aqueduct above ground. You can see it from the road along the regiment (Rua Areal de Cima).


Simplified outline of Sete Fontes

Simplified map over Sete Fontes

Pink dots: entrances to the underground gallers

Yellow dots : Mães de Àgua (most also entrances to the underground galleries)

Blue dots : Respiros

Light blue lines : Aqueduct at ground level

Red lines : Aqueduct under ground (or destroyed)

Brownish area : the new hospital