There are tons of sports and activities offered on the island of Madeira, always keeping its visitors thoroughly entertained.

            When it comes to water sports, Madeira has plenty of options.  Scuba diving has become a popular activity on the island in recent years.  With crystal clear water, comfortable temperatures, various dive sites, and an abundance of marine species, Madeira is a great place to dive.  For more about diving, including contact information for the various companies located on the island, check out Scuba InfoBig Game Fishing is another one of Madeira’s great ocean activities.  Enticing visitors from all over the world are opportunities to catch world-record size fish.  For more information, visit Madeira Fishing .  Other water sports readily available around the island are surfing, swimming, kayaking, wind surfing, and sailing. 

            Land activities are also readily available around Madeira.  Trekking and Levada walking is one of the best ways to explore the beautiful landscape of the island.  There are many trails available for guided and independent hikers.  Climbing is another sport that many visit the island for.  With volcanic mountainous terrain, there are plenty of challenging routes to be explored.  Mountain biking and road biking are two great ways to travel around the island, and at the same time explore the beautiful landscape.  There are many paths, roads, and routes to offer.