The nightlife available in Madeira peaks during the weekends, as throughout the year a good majority of the island’s inhabitants are locals.  With this, there are places to go during weeknights where one can find up beat atmospheres and entertainment, but the opportunities are more abundant during weekends. 

            Funchal, the capital and largest city of Madeira has more bars and clubs than any other area.  The good thing about this city is that walking around during the nighttime is fairly safe.  With this, walking alone is never recommended, especially for women.  Favorite drinks of many bar hoppers include Nikita, Pé de Cabra, one of the varieties of Poncha, and a variety of passion fruit beverages.        

            A good place to look for musical events and specials offered by the island’s bars and clubs is the Madeira Life Newspaper.  This is a free publication, and can be found at the airport, tourist offices, and most of the larger hotels on the island.

            Many hotels offer live shows for the entertainment of their guests.  Make sure to inquire about upcoming events upon arriving at your hotel. Tourists that are staying in other hotels are also welcome and there are three madeira nightlife events that are recommended. One is the Cabaret show at the local Casino. The Musical Magic show that takes place at the Tivoli Ocean Park hotel and the very popular, Madeira Folklore evening. For all information on Madeira Nightlife

Music, parties and films will be evident throughout the middle of April at Reid's Palace Hotel as the 2nd annual Madeira Film Festival steps up a gear. Additional information can be found at