The Alcantara cruise dock is well over 2,0 km (1.24 miles) from the city centre. There are various public transport options to get there and back.

You can of course take a cab - they queue up outside the terminal whenever a ship arrives!

Bus and tram services are operated by CARRIS - website  where most information can be seen in English. Single journey cash fare is €1.85 but day passes for all city transport are available at €6,00 from kiosks and metro station ticket machines.


For all buses, cross the single line railway track outside the terminal and cross the tree-lined square.

Bus 12 runs from the stop at the right hand side of the square right outside the cruise terminal. This runs 3 or 4 times an hour between 520am and 930pm. It runs around in a big half circle to the north of the city centre and serves some of the major hotel areas eg Campolide, Marques de Pombal and Sapadores before ending at the Santa Apolonia railway station.

BUS 28 runs from the Avenida do India (the next street, parallel with the railway line) serving Belem in one direction (destination RESTELO) and the city centre in the other (destination PORTELA) buses 4 - 6 times an hour on weekdays, 3 - 4 times an hour at weekends until about 10pm. Route 28 also serves the two main railway stations of Santa Apolonia and Gare Oriente.

There are many other buses from Alcantara to all parts - consult the Carris website.


Trams 15 and 18 run along the Ave 24 de Julho towards the city. The journey takes about 15 minutes. Cash fare is an eye-watering €2,85. A day pass purchased from a kiosketc is €6,00 for all metro, trams and city buses.

You will need to use the foot tunnel under the electric railway tracks to get to the tram stops, in all about 400 yards/metres walk. These trams operate frequently all day seven days a week. You can pay cash fare on board - the number 15 tram has ticket machines inside. There is a kiosk selling day passes etc at the main road close to the tram stops.

In the other direction, the number 15 tram goes to Belem and Alges, the 18 to Ajuda.

BEWARE PICKPOCKETS ON THE NUMBER 15 TRAM ESPECIALLY AT THE MOSTEIRO DOS JERÓNIMOS STOP!! Move right down inside the car even if it is crowded. One ploy is to hustle people standing in the doorways and then jump off just before the doors close.


Train services are operated by CP, Portuguese National Railways. Website with information in English by clicking on the small flag icon next to where it says 'Acesso Rapido' - look for Lisbon Urban Services, Cascais line.

ALCANTARA (MAR) station is right in front of you as you cross the square. There are trains every day, every 10 - 20 minutes, to the city's Cais do Sodre station, about a 5 minute journey, costing 1.25 Euros from the ticket machine (but you will then have to take the Metro, bus, tram or taxi to go further). In the other direction the trains run to the resorts of Estoril and Cascais, taking about 35 - 40 minutes. Cais do Sodre is an isolated station in the sense it has no direct connections with other overland lines, but it has a Metro station and many bus stops adjacent that will easily take you to the main places of interest in the city.

ALCANTARA (TERRA) station is about 10 minutes walk from the cruise terminal along a well sign-posted but somewhat neglected walkway. Trains from that station run every 20 minutes daily to the other Lisbon stations of Campolide, Sete Rios, Entrecampos, Oriente etc offering connections to Sintra and more distant places.


The Lisbon Metro does not go to Alcantara but is useful for travelling round other parts of the city. Information at