Getting from Lisbon to Sintra

Getting to Sintra from Lisbon is easy. There are trains at least every 30 minutes on weekdays, every 30 minutes at weekends, from Lisbon's city centre Rossio station. The journey takes 39 minutes and a return (round-trip) ticket is €4.30 (tariff 2015). These are local suburban trains.  During weekday rush hours there are more frequent trains from Rossio station to and from Sintra.

There also direct trains, in both directions, to / from Lisbon Oriente via Roma-Areeiro, Entrecampos and Sete Rios at least twice every hour, more frequently during rush hours.

 Commencing 14th June 2015, there will be a new service at weekends every 30 minutes from Lisbon Oriente to Sintra stopping also at Roma-Areeiro, Entrecampos and Sete Rios.

Lisbon Rossio station is in the city centre and is worth a few minutes of the visitors time in its own right. It is served by the Restauradores metro station, many bus routes and is easily accessible therefore from all parts.

Train Service summary. Trains to / from Rossio also stop at Campolide station, which is close to one of the major hotel districts.


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 Frequent trains until around 0900am (change of train at Cacém needed at times), then at 01 and 41 minutes past every hour direct until evening rush hour.

Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays

From Lisbon Rossio at 0601 and once every hour until 0101hrs. There is also a train at 31 minutes past to Cacém, where you change for Sintra.

Trains return from Sintra to Rossio at 0550 and once each hour until 2350 then 0020. There are trains at 6 minutes past the hour with a connection to Rossio, changing at Cacém as per the outward journey.

From 14th June there will be trains at least every 30 minutes, every day, between Sintra and Lisbon Oriente station via Sete Rios, Entrecampos and Roma-Areeiro  stations. Timetable as above.


There are no direct buses between Lisbon and Sintra.


Driving from Lisbon to Sintra is pretty straightforward other than in rush hours. It's about 19 miles/30km. Grab a map or switch on your GPS and aim for the IC19 motorway/freeway. The journey is about 40 minutes during quieter times, an hour or more perhaps in rush hour.

Parking in Sintra can be a problem especially on summer weekends.

Once in Sintra - refer to items in the TA Sintra forum for options on getting around the various sights, some of which are some distance from the centre.  A good website with comprehensive information about Sintra: