Just 4 Km west of the old town of Albufeira, is Gale (pronounced Gar-lay) which has developed from l agriculture 25 years ago to a residential area of villas and some low- rise hotels, although there are still lots of greenery  with orange groves, olive trees, fig trees and vineyards.

            Gale beach is on a small headland, with other beaches to the right (West) and left (east) of it which you can walk to. On Gale beach, there are 3 bar/ restaurants. The beach is made up of soft sand and is safe for children. It has all the usual water sports one could expect in the summer time. From November to March it is very quiet and you can walk west, along the Ocean edge, to Amacao De Pera. This walk is about 5 Km along soft sand dunes with the Nature reserve of Salgados on your right. At the end you will arrive at the fishermen boats and then the town and its shops.

           Turning left (east) on Gale beach, the scenery changes entirely, with small cliffs and rock formations where people  regularly fish from. The cliffs form a nice intimate cove to give a safe  and natural wind break, where children can play in the crashing waves or explore the rock pools. From here it is possible to clamber over the rock and head east to as far aa Sao Rafael beach passing Sao Luurenco –Eveiristo –Castello and Cohelha beaches, each with their own beach restaurants and character. In between these beaches are lots of small sandy coves, where you can sit for hours undisturbed and the cliff walks between these beaches makes you feel you are on some desert island by the natural flower and fauna.

             Gale beach is at the end of the Estrada de Gale EN 1282, the coast road from Albufiera  town. Leaving the beach, on to this road, you have the hotel villa gale a low rise property. On your right is Vila Joya, a Boutique hotel with a 2** Michelin restaurant. It is in its own grounds behind high walls. I have never been in, because it is very expensive, and you need to book well in advance. But it has a awesome reputation and one day, if I win the lottery. I may take my wife there. Once past these, it is all villas along the road, some new, some not so new. After 50 m you arrive at a roundabout. Turn right here and it brings you to Sao Lauranco beach.  Again it has its own restaurant (closed in winter) safe sandy beaches to enjoy, and lots of rock pools to keep the kids entertained. All these beaches are blue flag and beautiful and they change character, looks and style continuously by the tide and the weather but always interesting and always beautiful.

                Back from this roundabout, straight in front is to Albufiera , while to the left inland  takes you to Guia ( the home of Sir Cliff Richard and his vineyards and the birth place of  chicken Piri  Piri  and Algarve shopping malls) about 6Km away. In between the route is a mixture of rural farms villas and low rise condominiums and restaurants one excellent one is Sao Domingoes a family run business and open all the year around but there are many more.

              Back to the Gale roundabout and this time straight on towards Albufiera you now pass villas and small condominiums on both sides and several turnings on your right leading to the beach. It is worth taking all these turnings as they all have interesting sights to see that you would never see from the road and would be a shame to miss.

            Next you come to a small cross roads and a bar (Por Do Sol) that has been there years and is used as a point of direction. To the left, is the road to Vale De Para   and has supermarkets and restaurants along it. )Jomphra is a particularly good and well  recommended one)  Just past the     Por Do Sol is a turning on your right which  leads down to Castillo and Everisto beaches. Again these beaches both have restaurants.

               After the cross roads, the area changes its name to Sesmarias and equally has lots of villas and beach turnings all the way to the old town of Albufiera past turnings for Coelha and Sao Rafael  beaches and through the Marina.

                Back to the general description of Gale ,it is a family area with lots of family run restaurants where children are treated as VIPs and welcomed everywhere.  And there are lots of interesting lanes and turnings, for you to explore through the many orange groves.