As you wander the streets of Gale, you may wonder where the centre is, expecting it to be a town. There is no centre; it is a area close to some of the most beautiful beaches anywhere. Historically until the 1980s it was just these beaches and small farms. Orange groves and small fields of fig trees grape vines and olive vines and the only access to the beach was a narrow dirt track taking one car at a time.

Since that time, the area has been massively changed with developers building lots of small pockets of villas and low rise apartments and that single dirt track to the beach is now Estrada de Gale 8200 albufeira Using this map and Gale beach as your starter here is an explanation of where the restaurants are.

On the beach itself, there are three different full restaurants (note all beach restaurants in this area of Albufiera are purposefully built and all have ful public facilities, including toilets, showers, disabled accommodations). These three restaurants are within a single stretch of 100m and each is different. With your back to the sea, the one on the right is mainly a fish restaurant with all the sea foods you would expect and it's open all year around. The middle one, O Galleo, does a mixture of meals and is a very popular restaurant, with a well-liked owner: Fernando. Unfortunately it is not open in winter. The third one does a range of mixed meals with pastas and pizzas and a great mushroom omelette. They are open all year around.

Step off the beach on to EN 1282 and to your right is Vila Joya this is a 2* restaurant and boutique. Visit to see a menu. Opposite is Hotel Villa Gale with a restaurant and a small bar next door. Walk along the 1282 to the roundabout (100m). Here, to your right is a road/footpath to Sao Laurenco beach. This is an a excellent restaurant, with a good selection of meals. If you turn left at the roundabout, you are on the Estrada de Rabelho, the road to Vale de Parra, and to Guia where famous chicken Piri Piri was invented. Walk along this road to the next roundabout (100m). Here on your right is a very nice cafe that the ladies like for a coffee and cake in the afternoons and it is well recommended. 

Further down this road are a number of restaurants starting with a fish/chicken restaurant where you pay a single charge and they keep feeding you lots of food till you give in. Very popular with Portuguese families on Sunday afternoons. After this there are other restaurants on both sides of the road including a well recommended Sao Domingo’s where the food and atmosphere are excellent and they do a very nice Ostrich steak similar to beef steak. There are lots of other restaurants including an Indian “Kalaha.”

Back to the EN 1282 if you now continue straight across the roundabout from the beach towards Albufiera you walk about 150m and on your right is Restaurant de Gale. This has been here many years and does pizzas and steaks. Walk another 150m and you have a small row of shops. The first is the View Bar (a bar and restaurant).  In the middle are the Indian restaurants: The Curry house and next to this is Tia Marias restaurant. Now walk forward another 50m and you have the Por Do Sol cocktail bar and restaurant on your right., a popular place with families with live music twice per week.

Next to this is Amigos a small family restaurant run by Manuel and his wife Annette. Then, after a turn to your right is Estra da Tore Velha. This takes you down to Everisto beach with a good fish restaurant (bit expensive). It also takes you to Castello Beach again with a nice restaurant on the beach. To get here, pass the hotel Torre Velha, with its public bar and restaurant  the Happpymag, a Swedish complex with public bar and restaurant. All these restaurants are near to each other.

Back to “Amigos”. Now instead of turning right stay straight and after short walk you come to the O-Marinheiro restaurant. This is an excellent restaurant and is in the Michelin hand book. After this, you are now in Sesmarias (there are separate information on Sesmarias on T.A.), not Gale.

Again back to the Por do sol. Here, if you turn left you are still the EN1282 and so follow the Por do sol. You pass a small row of shops containing the restaurants J&K and the Sports Bar carry on and you see the Jompra Restaurant (a large excellent restaurant managed by Sergio) and below this is a night club for club-goers.

If you carry on to the Main Road (EN 561) and turn right there is also the large stylish restaurant called Oliveiros and if you instead turned left you would come to the Casa de Carne. Possibly, the best steak/meat restaurant in Albufiera, or elsewhere.

The restaurants mentioned are all within walking distance in Gale, but there are many more.

For those who like heavy partying there is a bus into Albufiera costing 1.80€