Travelers spending time in Algarve often want to know about the nightlife options in the area.  Those travelers will be happy to know about the following locations where they can settle down with a drink or get their groove going on the dance floor:

  • Capicua is a popular bar for drinking in the early evenings.
  • Casino Praia da Rocha is the favored casino of the area, although there are a few of them located in Algarve which travelers might want to explore.
  • Eddies is a local favorite so tourists can expect to mingle with Algarve neighbors along with other tourists when visiting this bar.
  • Phoenix is a nightclub where visitors can dance the night away, literally, since it doesn’t close until six in the morning.
  • Red Eye is a bar with darts and a pool table where visitors can meet others over a drink or two.
  • Zanzibar offers late night dancing until four in the morning.

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