Those seeking culture won’t be disappointed during their visit to Rotterdam. In 2001 Rotterdam was designated Cultural Capital of Europe. It gave the city a chance to show off its cultural powers.

Therefore, visitors to Rotterdam will be able to taste some of what gave Rotterdam that designation. In Rotterdam, you might take in a performance of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. Venue for (classical) concerts etc is Schouwburg De Doelen, in the city center.

De Doelen

Other possible cultural activities include January’s International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR). April's free museum weekend and the international marathon, June’s international poetry festival and the famous North Sea Jazz festival in July.

In July each year, the city highlights its diverse cultures with the Summer Carnival, a 3-day party that brings in visitors from around the world. In September the yearly Gergiev Festival takes place in de Doelen.

The AHOY-arena (biggest indoor arena of the Netherlands) in the south part of the city is used for concerts (e.g. North Sea Jazz festival), tennis tournaments, exhibitions and other activities. Check local schedules when you arrive to see if your plans coincide with an interesting activity there. 

The entire city is full of public art - sculpture and architecture.