The whole ride is 22km and takes 3 hours, including the 30 minute break at a cheese farm, plus a 20 minute briefing on bike safety tips and The Netherlands history. It starts in central amsterdam, and then borders the Amstel river in his way out of the city, passes by a windmill, and stops in a cheese farm where you can taste some Gouda. After that the tour explores the polders covered with a incredibly green grass and populated by cows, then it enters into the sub urban Amsterdam bike lane network surrounded by trees, passing through little bridges, a marina and finally re entering the downtown surrounding the Voldenpark.

The bike, a cruiser type, was comfortable and in great condition and I had no problems riding. People less used to biking can still do this tour, but they could get a little tired depending on the wind.

Amsterdam is not only the Red Light District and the tour ride reveals history, its particular geography and country life, and the continuous fight of netherlanders against the sea.