The Dutch are rightly proud of the train system. It is punctual, clean and is easy to use. If you cannot find your way easily there are always personnel on the platforms to help you. Most speak good English. The web site for the Dutch train service is:

To purchase a ticket you can either go to the booths, where it will cost you more (0.50 euro per ticket), or you can use a machine. Here is a link to illustrate how easy that is:


Note to purchase a ticket using the machines you can only use the following. A Dutch debit card (known as PIN), Dutch ChipKnip, money (coins and notes) or a Maestro card.  Although the web demo and website advertise you can use Visa or MasterCard (credit or debit cards), you can, but only if your creditcard has a PIN or security code. A surcharge of upto 1 euro per transaction applies for this.

When purchasing tickets at the counter or booth, you will automatically be offered a 2nd class ticket so will have to ask if you prefer a 1st class ticket.  When boarding, the carriages are mixed 1st and 2nd class - you can tell which section you are in by the number "1" or "2" at the entry door, or inside the section of the carriage you travel in on the end wall. The conductor will politely ask you to move if you occupy a plush 1st class seat in the peace and quiet, so it is best to find a good seat in the correct section early if you have a 2nd class ticket. 

 Contact Details:

NS Hoofdkantoor


Laan van Puntenburg 100


3511 ER Utrecht


Postbus 2025


3500 HA Utrecht


088 671 2000


Customer Service

+31 30 235 40 00


For more extensive info on all trains see our main article: