Tired of windmills, cloggs and Delfts Blue? Or someone already brought them back for you? Consider buying these alternative souvernirs.

Sandwich toppings 

Instead of cheese, buy sweet toppings for sandwiches. Try hagelslag ("chocolate raindrops"), fruithagel ("fruity raindrops") or appelstroop (apple sauce). Available from any supermarket.

If you do like cheese, bring sambal kaas(spicy cheese), mosterd kaas (mustard cheese) or komijnekaas (cumin cheese) for a change. Available from cheese shops and market stalls.

Dutch design 

All products at Hema department store are specially designed for this Dutch store. The collection regularly changes. Jip and Janneke drawings (two famous characters from children's books) are featured on many products (eg mugs, cards etc) and make nice gifts.  Little note books or tea towelswith happy coloured designs or seasonal products (eg garden items in summer) make nice souvenirs too. 

The term Dutch design is usually used for Dutch designers such as Marcel Wanders, Droog Design and Piet Hein Eek. See www.bijzondermooi.nl (internet store) for an online collection. Usually sold in nice furniture shops, museum stores sometimes also have some items. Piet Hein Eek has designed vases for the Fair Trade Stores. These also have very nice other items from around the world. Not Dutch but it is fair and original. These stores are sometimes called Wereldwinkel or Waar. 


Various Dutch writers have been translated into English. You can find copies at major bookstores in cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. Eg Discovery of Heaven by Harry Mulisch, or Tirza by Arnon Grunberg.

Famous Dutch artists with English recordings: Anouk (rock), The Golden Earring (rock), Total Touch (pop), Ilse de Lange (country), DJ Tiesto (house), Bloomingdales (house music collection). For the more adventurous, these Dutch singers sing in Dutch: Marco Borsato or Andre Hazes.