The public transport in Zurich is first class. The train is available from within the airport to Zurich and costs 6.- swiss francs. The journey time is only ten minutes and the trains are very clean, inside and out. A word of warning - do not be late for a train as they leave spot on time. The train to the Rhein Falls costs 38.00 swiss francs first class, 15 francs cheaper for second class. Trains leave Zurich station (Zurich HB) to all over Switzerland. In town the use of trams and buses are popular and cheap and new tram lines are being laid to new destinations towards the industrial sector. The taxis are quite expensive compared to train. From the airport to Zurich centre is about 50 francs and takes 20 minutes.

Here is the link to the Public Transport in the Canton of Zurich.  Zurcher Verkehrsverbund ( ZVV ) is the company that links together all public transport (boat, bus and tram) in the Canton.

Tipp: Holders of the ZürichCARD ( can enjoy the city to the fullest and at the same time get great value for money. The principle is very simple: you purchase a ZürichCARD that is valid for either 24 or 72 hours and profit for example of the following benefits: 

  • Free rides on the trams, buses, trains, boats and on the cableways in Zürich.
  • Free admission to all museums in Zürich.
  • 10% discount at selected Zürich shops.
  • Culinary surprise with each main course at selected Zürich restaurants.
  • Various reductions on activites and nightlife clubs in Zürich as well as on souvenirs and tours of Zürich Tourism.