People travel to Zermatt to have a good time, to enjoy the outdoors, and to relax. So, in order to make sure a vacation remains happy and safe, a few tips should be followed to make sure everyone remains as healthy as possible while in Zermatt.

Electric-Powered Vehicles – People who travel to Zermatt are well aware that the town is “car-free.” No gasoline powered vehicles are allowed in town, which means that visitors travel through the town either via foot or electric-powered vehicle. Keep in mind that electric-powered vehicles are very quiet and it can be hard to hear them coming! Although drivers are cautious of the people walking through town, accidents can happen, so it’s important to keep eyes and ears open at all times.

High Altitude – Visitors who come to Zermatt, especially from low-level altitudes, should be fully aware that altitude sickness is very common here. Some of the symptoms of altitude sickness are feeling dizzy and having a headache. One of the best ways to combat altitude sickness is to drink a lot of water and possibly sleep with a running humidifier in the hotel room.

Signs – Many of the signs in Zermatt and surrounding areas are not written in English, so carrying a good map can be very helpful and can prevent getting lost.

Ice – In winter, the streets and sidewalks tend to ice over when the snow melts or is packed down by travelers.  Walk with care and be sure one's footwear has good traction.  Consider purchasing Cat Tracks for ski boots to enhance traction and grip.