If you’re looking for a good festival, Lugano won’t disappoint. There are several to choose from all year long, and here is a sampling:

*The International Boogie Woogie Festival is held in April each year and features international artists over the several-day festival. BBC World covers this festival, so if you aren’t in Lugano during the festival itself, you might catch it on TV. This event attracts thousands of people annually to Lugano, so if you are traveling to Lugano while this festival is underway, be prepared for crowds and perhaps booked hotels and long waits at restaurants.

In July, Lugano hosts a jazz festival, an event that is held open-air style and is also free.  Since its inception, there have numerous famous jazz artists performing at the festival, including Miles Davis, Ray Charles, BB King, Dizzy Gillespie, and Bobby McFerrin.

Lugano residents and visitors celebrate with a food and wine festival in August/September each year. The Festa d’Autunno features a wide array of local wines (and celebrates the season’s crush) and also features world-class foods from Italian and Swiss cooks.  Thanks to Lugano’s excellent year-round weather, this event is also held open-air style and attracts hundreds of wine and food lovers annually.