Some say if you are in Switzerland, do as the Swiss do. So when it comes to getting around Lugano, put on some good walking shoes and hit the road.

The best way to see Lugano is by foot, and you can literally walk from one end of town to the other in well under an hour. Exploring by foot also gives you an intimate look at the beautiful town, and allows you to duck into a little café or shop when the walking gets tedious.

Most of Lugano’s streets are pedestrian friendly and many are pedestrian only, so walking should be pleasant. Some of the hills around the lake can get very steep, so if you aren’t into hiking, your best might be taking a taxi for some of the steeper areas.

If your feet do give out on you and you want some sort of a ride, consider a boat ride, which can be found easily and which offer day and multi-day passes. The lake snakes through the hills and over to neighboring Italy and looks more like a river than a lake. All the better for enjoying the beautiful view.

Lugano also offers a useful bus system.