There are many festivals held in Perugia. When the weather is as year-round comfortable as it here, there are many offerings for fun festivals. Here are a few:

January: The Saint Costanzo’s Festival celebrates the town’s patron saint.

February: Celebrate the lover’s day with chocolate in one of the world’s chocolate capitals. This is a unique and popular way to spend Valentine’s Day in Italy.

July: Enjoy the famous Umbria Jazz Festival this month (see the “performing arts” inside page for more information).

September: This month features a holy music festival, Umbria’s Musical Festival. This event is held in Perugia and surrounding towns.

October: Again highlighting Perugia’s reign as a chocolate capital, this month brings the Euro Chocolate Festival. This delicious event attracts chocolate lovers from all over Europe and the world.

November: On All Saints’ Day, Perugia celebrates The Fiera dei Morti (Fair of the Dead).