Umbria is a picturesque region in central Italy. It is one of the few regions without any coastline but more than makes up for this with ample lakes and rivers along with stunning green countryside. Lake Trasimeno, the fourth largest lake in Italy, is among the prime locations for tourists due to its proximity to Tuscany.

There are several notable tourist attractions throughout the region, with most of the towns and cities offering their own unique experience. Perugia is the capital city of the region and is renowned for hosting the annual Umbria Jazz Festival and the Eurochocolate Festival. Any accommodation requirements during festival time should be booked in advance to avoid disappointment, although there are several other locations within easy travelling distance from Perugia that will be able to provide adequate vacation rentals if required.

Spoleto is another attractive destination in Umbria and is the renowned host of the Festival dei Due Mondi (Festival of the two worlds). The festival takes place at the end of June and the beginning of July. It is highly advisable to book any accommodation requirements well in advance as the town is extremely busy during the festival period. There may be apartments for rent in nearby towns of Umbria, although they may not be as convenient if the main reason for visiting was to attend the festival.

In March the Teatro Lirico Sperimentale enables up and coming opera stars to showcase their talent in the annual competition. Coupled with the impressive architecture of local cathedrals and castles, Spoleto certainly leaves a huge impression on most visitors' minds.

On top of this, many visitors will want to take in a trip to Assisi, the birthplace of St. Francis, where they can enjoy the Basilica di San Francesco which is listed as a world heritage site. Assisi is one of the most visited places in Umbria and offers stunning mountain views as well as magnificent churches in addition to the Basilica di San Francesco.

To enjoy the best view of the town it is advised to visit the Rocca Maggiore that dominates the skyline surrounding Assisi. This gives a brilliant panoramic view of the entire Spoleto Valley that will simply take your breath away.

Assisi will normally have many tourists throughout the year visiting on day trips as they primarily visit the Basilica rather than rent an apartment in the town. Although there are plenty of apartments to rent in Umbria that are close enough to Assisi to facilitate day trips if desired. Again, it is a matter of booking accommodation in advance to be able to reserve the desired vacation rental to suit the particulars of the vacation.

This is not an exhaustive list of available destinations in Umbria, merely the most notable attractions. There are several other towns and cities that can bring different experiences if none of the above appeals directly. The key to enjoying a vacation is to book suitable accommodation in advance that will enable all towns you hope to visit to be within easy travelling distance. For accommodation try the following websites:  Umbria Online, IlComuneInforma.