Travelers interested in exploring the area surrounding San Gimignano will find that any direction they head off in is beautiful and interesting, full of rich history and generally friendly people.  Some day trip excursion options include:

  • Certaldo is another medieval fortress city in the area which has interesting architecture and several fascinating museums.  Travelers can reach this city via cable car from San Gimignano, making it an excellent day trip option for many people.
  • Colli di Val d’Esa ( ) is a tri-level town which offers an interesting landscape as setting for exploration of the monuments and historical sites there.
  • Monteriggioni is another f the medieval fortress cities in the area, but this one is worth visiting, not merely for the history and medieval architecture which can be seen there but for the extensive performing arts scene taking place there.
  • Volterra is the home of many of the museums of San Gimignano.  See for more information about the museums of this area.  It is almost considered to be one and the same area with San Gimignano, except that it has its own rich and diverse history. 
Travelers can also check out the travel guides listed at for ideas about other day trip options in the area.