In Florence and in Italy in general, you can't catch a taxi by raising your hand like in New York or London.

Taxis must be called by phone or taken at their parking lots.

The most popular companies in Florence are reachable by phone at 055/4242 or 055/4390.

You can find parking for taxis in the Piazza della Repubblica, in Lungarno Vespucci, next to the US consulate, at train station and at Porta Romana. However, in the high season this is not the best way to get one.

You can enter a hotel and kindly ask them to call a taxi for you, don't waste time hoping to catch one on the street.


Car Rental

Driving in Florence can be dangerous. The streets in the centre  are narrow, full of tourists who walk in front of you all the time and you can not get an automatic.  

Some streets are marked for authorised vehicles only. The GPS is often useless because there might be roadworks which close some streets. The Autostradas are great, but cost quite a lot - 24 Euros in tolls to come from Milan to Florence. 

It's best to rent cars from the Hire companies direct in Florence.