Palermo Taxi Cabs

When hailing a cab in Palermo, the best thing to do would be to ask at the reception of your hotel about the approx. fares. And when you enter the taxi - ask the driver about the fare to your destination. Note that some of the meters run fast and you should negotiate the price before the trip begins.

It should be also said that trying to hail a cab in town by simply flagging one down won't work. You'll need to walk over to the nearesr taxi rank, and you'll find them at the Politeama, the Massimo Theater, the central train station, in Piazza Indipendenza in front of Bar Santoro and parked outside upscale hotels.

Palermo Rental Cars

Palermo rental car companies are located both downtown and at the airport, so you should be able to easily find a convenient pick up location. If you are looking for an automatic transmission you will probably have to pick it up at the airport or pay extra to have it delivered downtown. Rates for automatics will also be considerably more expensive than manual transmission.

A popular option in booking Palermo rental cars is to book through a broker service. Brokers will compare prices from all the major car rental companies in the area and secure you the lowest rate through wholesale discounts. The most frequently recommended car rental brokers on the Trip Advisor forums are:

These brokers will book you with reputable companies in the Palermo area, like:

Always try to book with well-known and reputable companies, and if you are booking through a broker avoid rates that do not disclose the company you will be booked with until you pay.

If you are renting a car, always read the terms and conditions of your contract and be wary of any additional rental car fees that may apply to your reservation. Document any existing damage when picking up the car and take pictures for your records, just in case of a dispute.