Great place to go out-of-season due to southerly aspect and mild climate. In April, you may see a little rain, but you'll probably have glorious sunshine (not too hot) most of the time. You should be aware however, that in the touristy areas (Taomina for instance) there are so many restaurants that the limited numbers mean only the best are busy. It's worth searching for the busy ones but it can be frustrating. Conversely, in the non-touristy areas, there's little demand for restaurants/ attractions at this time of the year so they're often closed. Sicilians can be a bit surly but it's just their way. Driving isn't as bad as you may think it might be in Italy, although there's always the odd nutter. Be prepared for tolls and not understanding parking regulations.


Taomina is a beautiful location (Pensione Svizzeria recommended if you're looking for value and central location). It's best to go out-of-season and get out and about until after 4 where you can return to the town after the cruise day-trippers have gone back to ship. You can drive there but you have to be sure about the driving, as it's difficult mountainous terrain and parking is tricky (book a space at the hotel in advance). From here you can strike out to the bay below, Mount Etna (you drive quite high up and take a fab walk), and Aci Trezza (fishing harbour).


East of Palermo, Castellammare del Golfo at the hotel Cala Marina is a great place to stay. It was a great hotel, just on the little beach in the bay. It has a lovely quiet feel but with a couple of bars and fish and pizza restaurants a very picturesque part of a rather large town. Weekend evenings see an onslaught of locals but that only serves to make it as vibrant and lively in the evenings as it is sleepy and inviting during the mornings. One word of caution, the beach is filthy - elect to go elsewhere for your lazy day on sand: Try San Vito lo Capo. You can also visit Marsala (lovely town, but plan ahead if you want visit any vineyards for wine-tastings - they're not very well developed for tourists and closed on weekends). Scopello has a lovely restaurant with mountain/sea view and Selinunte (Greek ruins).