Cagliari has a packed calendar of events and festivals that take place throughout the year. These include classical music performances at the ancient Roman Amphitheatre as well as film festivals and other events in throughout the town. The official Tourist Web site, Comune Cagliari offers a full calendar of events.

Religion has always been important in this part of the world, and this is especially true around the Holy Easter Holiday. The entire Holy Week is filled with religious and sacred rites that reflect the ancient Christian traditions. This includes a theatrical representation of the Passion, while events take place throughout the churches and the streets of the old city.

In May the streets come alive for the Festival of Sant’Efiscio, and this includes processions of revelers in traditional dress in dedication to the saint. This celebration dates back to 1640 AD when the people turned to their patron saint to save them from a plague, and follows the procession to Nora where Efisio was martyred in 303 AD for refusing to denounce his Christian faith.

June is the time of the annual festival that celebrates the farmers and shepherds of the island. This includes a day long festival of food, drink and music. There is plenty of wine, cheese and of course PIZZA!

The days cool off in November, and this is when the European Jazz Expo heads to Cagliari for some equally cool sounds.