The SALENTO, is a peninsula - ancient Messapia - bathed from the southern Adriatic sea and the Jonio, than the geographers of the past they defined “the heel of the boot”. The most important are: Lecce, Otranto, Gallipoli, Santa Maria di Leuca, let alone Taranto to the extremity the west, and numerous cities and historical countries of ancient origin, for this encircle from archaeological rests and obvious traces to you of ancient civilizations. Crossing its 5,800 kmq. approximately such it is the surface of the entire territory are met, especially along the depositor it orients them of the leccese, monuments megaliti of the age of the bronze: dolmen and menhir. But the attractions of the subregione are not only limited to such reperti, neither to it walls and rests of constructions and objects conserved in the museum of lecce.

The natural beauties are particularly colorful here and here, the same flora and fauna of sure zones, the landscapes around the centers lives to you, concurs to define the small peninsula salentina as a place of calm and originates them vacation, for many travellers one true discovery. The nature of the Salento leggermente is waved, sweet and melancholic to the eye for the colors of the grain, of the vines burnt from the sun and of the tufo. Little are the isolated houses; and here and here it is opened without warning between the fields, or under the windows of the houses, empty deep of one the quarry. This flat earth is encircled and locked from a dirupata reef, a coast miser of landings place who does not leave place that to little spiagge, and that snoda and contorce until the extreme cape of Léuca. The sea that is looked at low piú în, to peak, is a sea color indigo, wild in its beauty.