The appearance of romantic Verona is old, classic, and Romanesque; but this does not mean that an active nightlife is not present. By day the city sees tours and historic landmark pilgrimages, but the city comes alive at night with live music and pubcrawlers.

If you still have energy after walking all around Verona, to put your dancing shoes on at night, there a couple of hip nightclubs in which to do so. Excalibur which was mentioned on this page in the past doesn't exist anymore and right now it has become a restaurant. You can go to Berfi's club in via Lussemburgo, 1  but remember that at Berfi's they generally require you to dress up a little in order to get in(

If you have a car you can go to Domegliara (15 minutes from Verona) to the Ombelico club (

Ca'Lupa also features DJs to get the crowds moving. The best time to head to Ca'Lupa is strictly in the summer however.

More lively music can be found at Rivamancina which gets quite packed and bustles to the sounds of jungle, drum and bass. The hip lounge is on Vicollo Quadrelli. 

To start a barhopping tour, the Piazza Delle Erbe is always the natural hub of activity in Verona. A favorite chic spot here is the Caffe Delle Erbe which pulls in a fashion-conscious clientele.

Ferro's on Via Fumicello pulls in a lot of expatriates as it is an American bar. If you want something more authentic, check out Taverna Degli Scaligeri at Via Sottoriva which is a great place for beers. There are other great places where you can go in the same area (via sottoriva) - like Cappa Café in Piazzetta Bra' Molinari, 1/A

A nice place at night (but also during the day) is Art & Chocolate in Largo Pescheria Vecchia 9/A where you can either sip wine, a cocktail or a fantastic cup of hot cocoa with rum (or without rum)!  

In San Zeno you can have a nice drink at the Mascaron Bar in Piazza San Zeno or at la Busa in Piazza Pozza. They get very crowded in both winter and summer on weekends.

In Piazzatta Scalette Rubiani, 1 you will find le Cantine dell'Arena. Upstairs it is a pizzeria and restaurant, but downstairs, mostly on weekends you can have dinner and at the same time listen to Blues, Jazz, Reggae depending on the evening program.

Verona used to have a typical European Discotheque as well.  Alterego is now closed. Berfis' is a good alternative to Alterego. In Summertime you can go to the lake area for nice dancing clubs like Holliwood in Bardolino.

Highlander is a traditional Scottish pub in the city center behind the Arena.  It is large with dark wood paneling and plenty of seating. 

Campus is popular with the college-age scene.  It is two stories and plays loud rock and pop late into the night.  Not alot of tourists come here.  It is the Italian equivalent of a bar in the United States in a college town.  Campus is very crowded on weekends particularly during the school year.