Verona , as many other Italian cities, is divided in neighbourhoods. Tourists generally move around Verona without knowing that they are going from one neighbourhood to another. Neighbouroods generally get their name from monumets or from their geographical position. In the central part of Verona you will find what we call “città antica” (the ancient city that correspond more or less with the old roman city – what was inside the roman walls). This is probably the place where tourists spend most of their time. Tourists also move from Città Antica or Centro Storico to San Zeno neighbourhood where the famous church is located. This is also the neighbourhood where Carnival was born and where it is still celebrated in February. Crossing Ponte Navi you will reach the neighbourhood of Veronetta (small Verona). The main road crossing this neighbourhood is Via XX Settembre. Veronetta used to be a very nice neighbourhood in the past. Right now it looks a little unsafe at night. Porta Nuova neighbourhood gets its name from the huge Reneissance monumet (one of the entrances to the city) it is the neighbourhood where the main train station is located. This is another unsafe neighbourhood at night. Another central neighbourhood is Arsenale on the other side of Ponte Castelvecchio. Borgo Trento is a very nice upper class neighbourhood in the north-east part of Verona (where one of the main hospitals is located), Borgo Milano is in the north-west together with Borgo Nuovo, Croce Bianca, San Massimo and Stadio neighbourhoods. In the southern Part of the city you’ll find the neighbourhoods of Borgo Roma (the second main hospital is here), Golosine, Zai (the industrial part of the city), in the eastern part of the city you’ll find Borgo Venezia, Porto San Pancrazio, Montorio. A very famous neighbourhood of Verona is Chievo in the northern part of Verona. Chievo is famous because the second football team of Verona was created here. Parona is a lovely neighbourhood at the border with Valpolicella where you already breath countryside air.