Although it’s believed Bolzano was inhabited for more than 2,500 years prior, the first recorded history of Bolzano begins in the 1st Century BC. This was when the Roman garrisons arrived.

Bolzano began its true identity about 900 years ago with the development of the city’s center. This area is defined by it’s amazing Gothic architecture which was constructed (by the bishops of Trento) as a key junction point between north and south and included an arcade-like avenue which was designed to be a market, with Italians on one side and Germans on the other. This arcade brought a great deal of wealth to the city, which allowed the church to erect several famous architectural monuments.

These famous architectural monuments include the cathedral bell tower, a carved wooden altar, and the Giottoesque frescoes. Though most of the architecture in the town now is Gothic style, in the 20th Century, neo-Gothic and Jungenstil styles also were used. Bolzano is not untouched by the many wars that passed this way through, but little evidence of that can be seen and the area has always preferred to be a peaceful territory.