To take in Turin driving might not be the best solution. The city features numerous Limited Traffic Zones, or ZTL, which are closed to traffic at set times and days. These vary from zone to zone, with some only being open to buses or pedestrians. A map is available at the Turismo Torino office Web site.

Likewise, be sure to watch when parking your car. Much of the city center, which is labeled the Blue Zone or “Zona Blu” offers hourly parking, and vouchers can be bought at local shops including cafes and newsstands, as well as automatic ticket machines.

There are plenty of options to rent a car in the city, as well as at the airport, and this is ideal if you’re heading out the city center and want to take in the Piedmont region. o rent a car in Italy you do need to have an international driver’s license, but this can easily be purchased once you arrive in the country. The minimum age for rental cars is 21, but for some luxury cars there may be a 25-year old age requirement.

In the city the best option likely remains relying on the buses or trams, which service the whole of Turin and much of the outlying areas. Service begins at 5am and runs throughout the day until midnight.