This is Southern Europe, but it is also Northern Italy, so summer temperatures are not quite as impossible to cope with compared to further South. 

 Spring comes early to the Piedmont and it is possible to experience bright sunshine, blue skies and temperatures up to 18 degrees celsius as early as late March and early April.  From this point onwards the temperature rises steadily averaging 22 in May, 25 in June and 30 plus in July.  August can be slightly cooler averaging about 28 degrees.  September highs are 25 and October falls to 18 again.  November has highs of 12 degrees  and the winter months are all below 10 degrees.  Rain storms are not uncomon in the hotter months, Spring and Autumn evenings can be quite cool so pack accordinglly.

 There is a lot of local variation between the North, West, East and South of this large region.  Remember the 2006 winter olympics were held in Turin so the mountain areas will be cooler for longer and the skii season wil run from December throught to March.

Many parts of Piedmont will see snow in the winter months and temperatures can drop to minus 5 degrees celsius between December and February.

When to travel to Piedmont will depend upon your destination, visiting the city of Turin can be great at any time and the moutain resorts offer some outstanding winter sports at a fraction of the price of the more chick resports over the border.  Spring and Autumn are magical in the famous wine growing zones with a rainbow of colours reflecting off every hill and valley.  Wine harvest in September and October is an ideal time to visit and taste the wines and drink in the atmosphere.  Summer is the time for long lunches and moonlight dining in Piedmonts great resteraunts, kitchens and villas, surely something for everyone.