Open Wifi: the new free wireless service in Milan

Open Wifi Milan is the free wireless hotspot in Milan. The service allows to use internet in all the covered areas.

Starting from the beginning of August 2012 in more 300 outdoor sites all over the city city-users can freely surf the Internet by using computers, smartphones, mobiles and other devices equipped with wifi.

The registration is possible only in the area served by the service. To use the service you just look for the network "openwifimilano" among those appearing on your device, open the browser, click on "registrati" (register), then:

- confirm privacy information (option "acconsento" =  agree)

- confirm the use conditions (option "acconsento" = agree)

- confirm the use of your personal info for receiving info about Milan by sms or mail- insert your mobile number

press "richiedi" to send the request.

You get a password assigned to your user on your mobile. Go back to the main page, insert your mobile number and the password received, press "login". 

From this moment on, you can browse for free, outdoor, internet, forever. After the first access, next accesses will be automatic (unless you perform a reset of wifi settings).

You can find more info on the official Openwifimilano  website (both in Italian and in English):

Here you can find a Milan map where you can choose the area of your interest and see where the open access is available. The green flags mean the wifi is active, the yellow ones mean the wifi is going to be activated.

Each user can surf the Internet for a daily amount of 300 MB of data.
Once passed this threshold, the user can surf for one additional hour at the maximum speed allowed; after that, the surfing speed will be limited to 192 kb/s until 00.00AM.
The traffic daily amount available will be reset on the next day at 00.00AM.

For further info,