Varenna is a four season climate with hot summers and mild winters. Spring and summer are the top tourist times to visit for those who want a golden, Italian tan. The summer temperatures remain steady in the 80s and sometimes higher but the breeze off of the lake usually keeps the air comfortable. The humidity in Varenna during the summers however, can be quite thick at times.

Winter is pretty mild but does get down to the 40s and 30s therefore, winter attire is necessary. The winter occasionally sees snow and frost but for the most part stays pretty temperate. Varenna can be somewhat of a ghost town during the winter however, so vacations are truly best planned during late spring through early fall.

The true tourist season can be declared as late March through October. The time in between from November to March, many of the tourist shops and even restaurants are closed. Spring brings in an array of gorgeous flowers and the warmer weather also brings greater opportunity for outdoor activities especially on the lake such as waterskiing and sailing. Once the warm weather is in full effect, plenty of outdoor activities exist such, hiking and cycling which are quite popular and the locals are actively outdoors.