Though Bellagio is a small town, it is still Italy, which means there are a lot of designer and luxury goods for sale. Along the main lakeside boulevard and the intersecting upward-sloping streets, it seems as though every building that isn’t a hotel or restaurant is some kind of upscale boutique.

Bellagio is most famous for its silk fabrics and scarves. In centuries past, the townspeople spun silk of a quality rivaled only by other locations on Lake Como. Now, most production on the lake has moved to factories in the southwestern town of Como, but Bellagio still sells the finished products. Ad Hoc is a reliable place to find fine silks, but the surrounding shops that line Bellagio’s cobblestone promenades will invariably have silk for sale, as well.

If you don’t like the prospect of spending a lot of money, head for Via Garibaldi, a street as famous for its pleasant bougainvillea-covered façades as for the items sold within them. Window-shopping along this avenue is delightful - you can stop for a bowl of gelato or a cup of coffee while browsing the stores and admiring the scenery. Of course, big spenders will appreciate Garibaldi, as well; here you’ll find the Cantina wine cellars and the Prevedoni leather shop.

Michele Gilardono: Mini Supermarket - has a wonderful array of local products including Olive Oil, cheese & hams. For more information see their webpage. 

Cava Turacciolo: Wine shop - has a fabulous selection of over 300 local wines & cheeses & is definetly worth visiting. For additional information the shop is housed in a gorgeous 18th century cellar.