Although almost everything in Bellagio can be seen in half a day or so, there are ways to pass the remaining time that only the locals seem to know about. While the rest of the tourists are packing the villas and churches, why not get a table at at a restaurant (most cafés are right on the banks of the Como) and have a leisurely meal? You’ll get to watch the boats docking and departing as well as simply admire the light changing over the pristine waters of the lake. Order lots of coffee or wine and make an afternoon out of it – this is a trick that most natives use to pleasantly pass the time .

If you are the type of person who can’t sit still too long, go on an exploration of the Bellagio graveyard. It’s fairly close to the center of town and doesn’t have a proper address, but it’s easy to find, if equally easy to avoid by squeamish visitors. Here you will see some neo-Gothic architecture and can easily spend part of your day – or night, if you enjoy scaring yourself – in the graveyard.

A final suggestion for those searching for the offbeat is to take a boat to some of the less-traveled towns of Lake Como. While most people take the trip down the left fork of the lake to Como, few go down to the right to Lecco . It's a close-knit community (even smaller than Bellagio!) with first-rate views.