Genoa is overflowing with museums and art attractions, and visitors would be amiss to skip the eclectic mix of art and culture that Genoa has to offer. For those who seek traditionally Italian fine art, there are several places to visit. The Galleria di Palazzo Rosso is the most densely packed art museum in Genoa and hosts some impressive and famous pieces. The Galleria Nazionale di Palazzo Spinola also houses some commanding pieces, in the atmosphere of a private estate. For those hoping to buy a masterpiece or two, the Galleria di Palazzo Bianco showcases traditional Italian works, while there are several smaller galleries seller contemporary pieces by local artists. For sculpture enthusiasts, the Museo di Architettura e Scultura Ligure houses the largest collection in Genoa, and is displayed in a 13th century convent. Modern art museums and galleries abound as well in Genoa, the most notable being the Galleria d'arte Moderna Villa Serra Gropallo in Nervi park, where modern art is displayed with as much reverence as a prized Michaelangelo. For a slightly more unusual experience, visitors should check out the Museo della Carta, Genoa's only paper-making museum, or the Galata Museo del Mare, a museum near the Porto Antico.