Genoa is known as the best shopping destination in the region of Liguria (which includes the famed Italian Riviera). Specialty goods that have made Genoa famous are most notably the fine silver and gold filigree jewelry, ceramic pottery, intricate, highly sought after handmade lace, velvet, carved olive wood items, and marble stone goods. The best place to find local handmade items is in the Via Soziglia, the medieval district, where quaint little shops line the street. Genoa also has a wealth of high-end shopping opportunites, in line with major Italian cities, with multiple designer and couture boutiques dotting the Via Luccoli and Via XX Settembre (the latter is often locally referred to as 'Via Venti'). Those looking for style, but a less shocking price tag usually head to the Via San Luca for younger, trendy italian label clothing and accessory boutiques. Often times, bargain hunters flock to Genoa for the central purpose of taking advantage of the outlets and high-end consignment stores, where coveted designer merchandise abounds for a significantly reduced price. Via Caffa is the most popular outlet for designer labels, while Almanacco and Betty Page sell a wealth of pre-owned, vintage couture pieces, enough to excite even the most jaded shopper. Genoa also is home to some of the best shoe stores on the Riviera, which is not to be taken lightly, as Italians take their shoes very seriously. Visitors should consider investing in a pair of custom made italian leather shoes from one of several shoemaking boutiques, the most well-known being Rocca on Via Davide Chiossone.