Genoa has one of the most, if not the most, active nightlife scenes in all of Liguria on the Italian Riviera. While not in the realm of high-fashion, frenetic Milan, Genoa does host quite a few bars, clubs and other late-night venues for those who don't want to sacrifice a little hedonistic fun while vacationing on Italy's most revered and idyllic coastline. The center of activity lies in the historic part of town, and visitors will quickly learn that word of mouth is the best way to find the hottest spot, thus engaging your hotel's concierge or the waiter serving your dinner as a source of nightlife knowledge is often the best way to go. The types of activities after dark are as varied as they are hidden. The stretch that is bordered by Piazza Sarzano and Via San Lorenzo is home to the most dense concentration of nightclubs and bars. During the week, most locals head to upscale wine cellars and tapas bars, two popular spots being Le Cantine Squarciafico and La Lepre. The atmosphere on the weekends, however, is one of decidedly less restraint, and the streets become packed with rowdy partygoers, heading down to the numerous discos dotting the historic district--the hotspots change every month, though perennial favorites include DLF and Coccodrillo. Popular weekend bars, filled with young, hip, up and coming crowds, are packed within a few blocks and often the crowds circulate throughout most of them by the end of the night, as locals prefer bar-hopping to staying put.