Unlike the earliest visitors to Rimini, you won’t have to vanquish enemies or scale impenetrable walls to get to the city; it is easy to reach by plane, train or car. Rimini’s Federico Fellini International Airport is the most convenient option for air travelers, but its service is limited to the major Italian cities and some European capitals. Bologna Airport , less than 100 kilometers from Rimini, is the second closest airport. It has more international flights available and may be cheaper as it is more of a hub than Rimini is.

Taking a train is a reasonable choice if you are coming from inside of Italy. Trenitalia , the official Italian train service, has a station in Rimini, located near the city center and within walking distance to the marina. Unfortunately, the major European rail services do not travel to Rimini, so don’t expect to be able to get here directly with a Eurail pass. However, it is possible to take Eurail to Rome or Milan and then take Trenitalia to Rimini.

Driving to Rimini is not difficult, as the city is linked to the rest of Italy by the A14 and A22 highways. The driving distance from Bologna is approximately one hour; from Milan, three hours; from Rome, four hours.