Recommended transportation from the airport to the city

In Rome, the train from the airport is a "recommended" way to get downtown, however, you may find that for two persons, a taxi is a preferable way to go.  When you consider the train fares, schedule, taxi fare from Termini station, and the train hassles, you may want to consider hailing a cab.  Cabs are less stressful after a long transoceanic flight; they are reasonable and comfortable.

Tickets on the Leonardo Express train are about 14 Euro per person, less on the suburban FL1 service - although with that you'll have to change to reach Termini. 

Rome Car Rentals

 For the best price, reserve a car before leaving home. However, don't decide on price alone. The company reputation, age of the fleet, the damage deductible, fuel policy, additional driver fees, etc. are important. When picking up the car, make sure the 'Condition Report' lists ALL damage existing on the car.

Search Google with the terms such as: Independent Italy Car Rental Reviews.  You can also use TripAdvisor Italy Forum for advice and traveler experiences with different car providers.

Car Rental Brokers that operate in Italy:

European Auto Rentals  Low Price Guarantee & 24/7 Help Line

Car Rental Companies that operate in Italy:

By car 

Private car with driver in Rome PRIVATE SERVICE  €130 for rental car with driver from Rome/FCO/CIA  to Civitavecchia or

shuttle service for 1 or 2 people   € 89 

Rome to Fiumicino airport or Ciampino airport with shuttle service door to door   24,00 euro 1 people and  30 euro for 2 people including bags and taxes. 

Private car with driver in Rome / Shutte Service in Rome 

You can pre-book a pick up in Rome if you are a larger group travelling together or are two highly rated companies that are recommended on the Rome forum all the time or you can try

A cab between the city centre (within Aurelian walls) and FCO costs €48 Euro, or €30 for Ciampino; this is a set fare day or night - don't let them charge you more (they may try). Perhaps rather late now but, for a map of the area covered by the set airport fares, see...

For an explanation of the new fares in English, see here...

For a useful tool to calculate taxi fares, check out  Rome Taxi Fare Finder


Once you arrive in town, you can decide how to get to the sites.  You should find Rome easy to walk EVERYWHERE.  You get to see more, meander in and out of shops, and it is no more than 45-50 minutes to any sites you will want to see in major downtown areas.  You do need good shoes as the brick or cobblestone streets are tough on your feet and legs.


Should you feel you've been cheated by one of the licenced taxis, the link for the English version of the Rome Comune's official complaint form is...

There are some explanatory notes on the Italian version, intended to assist in the identification of the offending vehicle and its driver - roughly, they translate as.....

1 TAXI licence number
Shown on the vehicle's front doors (near the symbol of the Comune of Rome) and also on notices beside the numberplate on the rear of the vehicle and affixed to the inside of the left rear passenger's door.
2 Name of the driver
Shown, together with the TAXI licence number, on the notice affixed to the inside of the left passenger door (in some cases, instead of a person's name, that of the relevant taxi cooperative is shown)

3 Radio Taxi company
The Radio Taxi firms operating in Rome are as follows: 3570 Radiotaxi - 6645 Prontotaxi - 4994 La Capitale - 4157 Tevere - 8822 Eurocosmo - 5551 Samarcanda - 5601646 Ostia Lido

4 Radio Taxi abbreviation
Varies depending by Radio Taxi company, but a name (an Italian or foreign city, country, river, star or gemstone) followed by a number.